Steve Ene Bon Vendere Lor CNN?

Lor CNN ene vendere pe van sandy beaches - Photo: ND

Vendere la lit militant Steve ine coz cozer lor CNN et Mauricien, couma toujours, ine impressionner. Mais nu dire li soit to mete toi dans BRI ou dans GRI pena simin to sorti dans cul de sac la. Sa malgre to ‘sandy beaches’ (si li pas sandy li rocky) and ‘pristine waters’ ki ena partout… Continue reading Steve Ene Bon Vendere Lor CNN?

Pri Sardine Ine Augmenter

Sardines : Photo Zerar

Prix sardines fine augmenter par 53%. Aster ou bisin mange sardines la are so pikants. Après pas zet delhuile sardine la , parceki prix de l’huile oussi fine augmenter par 75%. Nepli lepok margoze la. Lepok sardine aster la. C’est incroyable ki a Maurice tout pe augmenter. Li couma dire ene nouvo sistem ‘augmented reality’.… Continue reading Pri Sardine Ine Augmenter

Air Mauritius Ekonomise US$40m Par An


Air Mauritius pe économise 40 millions de dollars par an et pu restructure sa flotte via un processus administratif. Air Mauritius a annoncé (29 juin-2021) ene mise à jour suivantes lor so processus d’administration volontaire. Zot pe mette plusieurs mezures l’année dernier pour économiser plus de 1,75 milliard de roupies par an. En Francais, zot… Continue reading Air Mauritius Ekonomise US$40m Par An

Ekonomi Maurice Pe Relever

La Banque Mondiale pe dire Maurice so ekonomi pe relever la

Ekonomi Maurice pe relever, et la Banque Mondiale pe dire ki pu ena ban challenge long terme. Li dire sa dans so rapport, The Mauritius Country Economic Memorandum, Through the Eye of a Perfect Storm – Coming Back Stronger from the Covid-19 Crisis. Top strategi pu releve le pei c’est donne aide temporaire a ban bizines… Continue reading Ekonomi Maurice Pe Relever

Mauritius ICT Law Raises Serious Human Rights Concerns!

Balgobin wants to block people on Facebook...which does not belong to him!

As the debate continues in the U.S. and Europe over how to regulate social media, a number of countries—such as India and Turkey—have imposed stringent rules that threaten free speech, while others, such as Indonesia, are considering them. Now, a new proposal to amend Mauritius’ Information and Communications Technologies Act (ICTA) with provisions to install a proxy server to… Continue reading Mauritius ICT Law Raises Serious Human Rights Concerns!

Mauritius joining the ranks of North Korea?

Mauritius plans to censor an control the internet - will it succeed?

People are not silenced by the government’s attempt to change the internet rules guiding social media platforms in Mauritius. Pravind Jugnauth’s regime made public a proposal to legalize eavesdropping on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. For many, it is only the extension of similar plans that were abandoned earlier. The aim… Continue reading Mauritius joining the ranks of North Korea?

Mauritius has just become a high-income country?

Mauritius is now classified as a high income nation

Both Mauritius and Fiji are remotely located islands situated far from global business centers, both developed as sugar plantation economies, but their economies have taken drastically different paths over the last half a century. Last year the World Bank reclassified Mauritius as a high-income country. Its 2019 income (GNI per capita) for the first time exceeded the… Continue reading Mauritius has just become a high-income country?