Mauritius ICT Law Raises Serious Human Rights Concerns!

Balgobin wants to block people on Facebook...which does not belong to him!

As the debate continues in the U.S. and Europe over how to regulate social media, a number of countries—such as India and Turkey—have imposed stringent rules that threaten free speech, while others, such as Indonesia, are considering them.

Now, a new proposal to amend Mauritius’ Information and Communications Technologies Act (ICTA) with provisions to install a proxy server to intercept otherwise secure communications raises serious concerns about freedom of expression in the country.

Proposed New Internet Law in Mauritius Raises Serious Human Rights Concerns  EFF

The latest proposal to amend the ICTA has raised alarm bells amongst local and international free expression advocates, as it would enable government officials who have established instances of “abuse and misuse” to block social media accounts and track down users using their IP addresses.

The aim of the government, sources say, is to abuse the people and abuse the law.

They are already accused of doing more damages to the country’s laws and democracy since Pravind Jugnauth came to power.

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