Internet Censorship: Top Ten List!

Pravind following Kim Jong Un

1. North Korea

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The number one country practicing internet censorship today is North Korea, not too surprising given the closed nature of the country. It is estimated that only about 4% of the entire population even has access to the Internet, with all controlled by the government.

The number of cell phone users is a little larger, about 7%, but access to the Internet remains limited. Only a few of the very powerful and wealthy within the government even have access to what the free world knows as the web, most citizens can only access a tightly controlled intranet. Learn more about internet censorship in North Korea.

The list above details the top ten internet censors worldwide but by no means is comprehensive. There are dozens of other countries actively blocking access to the Internet, repressing journalists and otherwise impeding the free flow of information. The degrees vary but in the end, censorship is censorship.

No 11…Ile Maurice? – Klik sa link la pu lire.

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