Mauritius has just become a high-income country?

Mauritius is now classified as a high income nation

Both Mauritius and Fiji are remotely located islands situated far from global business centers, both developed as sugar plantation economies, but their economies have taken drastically different paths over the last half a century.

Last year the World Bank reclassified Mauritius as a high-income country. Its 2019 income (GNI per capita) for the first time exceeded the US$12,535 threshold for that category. 

Mauritius may lose the high-income tag temporarily as a result of COVID-19.

Mauritius has grown faster than Fiji every decade from the 1980s (which was disastrous for Fiji) to the 2000s, as revealed in Figure 2. 

Mauritius has just become a high-income country; Fiji is less than halfway there

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Interestingly, Fiji has caught up with Mauritius on education, and the countries now have similarly educated workforces.

Note that Malaysia, a much bigger country than Mauritius by all means, is still struggling to become a high-income country!

But that was in 2018…What happened in 2021?

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